Frequently Asked Questions

About the NLC

What is the difference between a compact license and a multistate license?
Why would a nurse need a multistate license?
How does the NLC pertain to APRNs?
How does the compact work for military or military spouses?

Applying for Licensure

I live in a compact state and am unsure if I have a multistate license or not. What do I need to do to get a multistate license?
I live in a noncompact state. How do I get a compact license?
I am licensed in the compact state where I reside. How do I get a license in a noncompact state?
Where is the compact application and what is the application fee?
I am graduating from a nursing program this year. Can I take the NCLEX in a different state?

Primary State of Residence (PSOR) & Moving

What does Primary State of Residence (PSOR) mean?
What do I need to do when moving to another state?
What determines if I am eligible for a compact license?
My primary state of residence is a noncompact state; it is also where I am licensed. I am applying for a license in a compact state. Do I have to give up my noncompact license?
I have a compact license. How long can I work in another compact state/territory?
What if I move to another compact state?
I live in a noncompact state, but I will be changing my primary state of residence to a compact state in a few months for a job. Can I apply for a license in that state now so I can work immediately after moving?
I live in a noncompact state, but own property in a compact state. Can I get a compact license?
I have a multistate license and have accepted a temporary assignment in another compact state. My employer or staffing agency is telling me that I need to get that state’s license. Is that correct?

Compact Language Definitions

Compact State
Home State
License by Endorsement
License by Exam
Multistate License
Primary State of Residence (PSOR)
Privilege to Practice (PTP)
Remote State
Single State License
Uniform License Requirements (ULRs)