Frequently Asked Questions

About the NLC

What is the difference between a compact license and a multistate license?
Why would a nurse need a multistate license?
How does the NLC pertain to APRNs?
How does the compact work for military or military spouses?
I have a compact license. How long can I work in another compact state/territory?

Applying for Licensure

I live in a compact state and have a license from that state. What do I need to do to get a multistate license?
I live in a noncompact state. How do I get a compact multistate license?
I live in a compact state where I am licensed. How do I get a license in a noncompact state?
Where is the compact application and what is the application fee?
I am graduating from a nursing program this year. Can I take the NCLEX in a different state?

Primary State of Residence (PSOR) & Moving

What does Primary State of Residence (PSOR) mean?
What do I need to do before I move to another state?
My primary state of residence is a noncompact state; it is also where I am licensed. I am applying for a license in a compact state. Do I have to give up my original license?
What if I move to another compact state?
I live in a noncompact state, but I will be changing my primary state of residence to a compact state in a few months for a job. Can I apply for a license in that state now so I can work immediately after moving?
I live in a noncompact state, but own property in a compact state. Can I get a compact license?
I have a compact multistate license and have accepted a temporary assignment in another compact state. My employer or staffing agency is telling me that I need to get that state’s license.