Nurses & the NLC

How to Apply

Nurses who live in a compact state/territory can apply for a multistate license if they meet the uniform licensure requirements (ULRs).

Application Details

Where Can I Practice?

The Nurse Licensure Guidance tool helps nurses learn where they can practice based on where they live or plan to live.

Access the Tool

Changing Residency & Obtaining Licensure in Another State

Resources for nurses who are moving to a different state or looking to get licensed in a different state.


Telehealth & the NLC

A nurse must be licensed in the state where the patient/consumer is located at the time nursing service is provided. This applies for both in person and telehealth care. When a nurse holds a multistate license, they can provide telehealth services to patients located in other NLC states/territories.

Military Nurses & Military Spouses

Federal, Veterans Administration, Military and Indian Health Services nurses are exempt from licensure in the state of practice when they hold an active nurse license in any state. However, this exemption does not apply when a nurse is practicing in a civilian facility in a nonfederal role. In this case, the nurse will need to hold appropriate licensure in the state of practice.

Civilian Military Spouses

Military spouses who are nurses can maintain or change a primary state of legal residency at their discretion. Should a nurse maintain legal residency in an NLC state and hold a multistate license and the military family is stationed in other NLC states/territories, the nurse may practice under the home state multistate license in the other NLC states/territories without obtaining additional licensure in those states/territories.


New Nursing Graduates & the NLC

Resources for nursing students and recent graduates to help them better understand how the NLC benefits them as new nurses.